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Fremad I Alle Retninga CD

Jansen Records Mar 13th 2015
15.9 EUR

26 year-old Daniel Kvammen grew up in Geilo, a small town with 2363 inhabitants, which is more known for its annual invasion of skiing tourists, and the fact that it is halfway on the Bergen railway.

With his debut album “Fremad i alle retninga”, Kvammn shows that age or hometown don’t matter when you set things in motion to make an impressively complete and emotionally charged first record. The first single “Du fortenar ein som meg” set the tone with equal parts youthful drive and mature lyrics. For the first time in its history, national radio station NRK P3 embraced a song sung in Geilo dialect. The rest of “Fremad i alle retninga” takes you into a diverse and exciting universe of songs, in which Kvammen lets both inner demons, everyday tales and tiny moments of joy come to the surface. Or, as Daniel says himself; “My songs are mostly conversations with myself, about me and those around me. Stories about people trying too hard and people not shutting up.”

Daniel wrote his first songs as a teenager at work, where he was originally hired to control the ski lift in one of the many ski resorts in Geilo. Much to the despair of his boss and the tanned skiing tourists, it was the guitar, the pen and the paper that got Kvammen’s attention.

And now that the debut album “Fremad i alle retninga” is finally here, we can say with certainty that the young boy had his priorities straight.

“Fremad i alle retninga” is produced by renowned musician and producer Even Ormestad from Jaga Jazzist, who has contributed on and produced several award-winning albums. Other than Daniel’s regular live band, some of Norway’s best studio musicians are also playing on the record. Among the musicians are David Wallumrød on various keys, Martin Horntveth on drums and previously mentioned Even Ormestad on bass.