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1988 EP

Jansen Records Oct 02nd 2015
15.9 EUR

A little more than a year since Geilo boy Daniel Kvammen made his album debut with «Fremad i alle retninga» (in March), he’s now releasing the EP «1988 EP». During these hectic months, which includes being A-listed for several months by radio station NRK P3 with the single «Du fortenar ein som meg», an appearance on TV2’s «Senkveld» and excellent reviews from an unanimous Norwegian press corps, Kvammen has now found time to make new music.

- I’m thinking that this EP in many ways has been a musical sanctuary for me and my producer Even Ormestad, Daniel Kvammen says.

The radio single «Fuck deg, helsing 90-talet» was even before its release date (16 September) B-listed by NRK P3 and A-listed by Ordentlig Radio. A self-declared “loser anthem” with arpeggioed synths and fast guitars is new ground for Kvammen, but the public feedback already now indicates that this is a musical direction he’s mastering brilliantly.

- The four songs that constitute «1988 EP» are no doubt the most varied I’ve done so far. The EP format has inspired me to be less consequent and strict in style than on «Fremad i alle retninga». You might as well call it a little schizophrenic trip. There’s a lot of adolescence themes here, and the title refers to my year of birth. Finally, it’s also worth mentioning that I get a kick out of giving a nod to the world’s biggest pop star both when it comes to the the title and the cover, Kvammen says.

Kvammen has on «1988 EP» been a producer for the first time, along with bass player Even Ormestad (Jaga Jazzist, a-ha, Pow Pow ++). In addition to Ormestad, he was joined by several brilliant musicians in the studio. Drummer Bendik Hovik Kjeldsberg (Marit Larsen, Bendik ++), David Wallumrød (Bjørn Eidsvåg, Bigbang, Thomas Dybdahl, Marit Larsen ++), Martin Horntveth (Jaga Jazzist, The National Bank, Bigbang ++) and guitarist Haldor Røyne are just some of the people that contribute. And contemporary classical composer Jan Martin Smørdal did the string arrangements. Look below for a complete list of the contributors on «1988 EP».


1. Om ikkje no, når?
2. Fuck deg, helsing 90-talet
3. Rekviem for eit rasshøl
4. Du fortenar ein som meg - Klineversjon