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After five years living in the US, Ole Kirkeng recently returned to Norway with a handful of irresistible folk-pop songs in his bag. After studying at Berklee College of Music, and in-between touring the US and Europe with Courtney Marie Andrews and Molly Tuttle, Kirkeng played around NYC every chance he got. It was there he found his feet as a songwriter and storyteller, with a lot on his heart and a penchant for catchy melodies. It is with great pleasure we announce that he has signed with Die With Your Boots On Records.

Kirkeng’s mentor at Berklee was none other than Susan Rogers, Prince’s technician from 1983-88. Afterwards, he moved on to New York, where he worked as a technician in a studio where the likes of Chet Faker, Marc Ribot and Nels Cline frequented. Evenings and nights were spent exploring the Brooklyn scene with likeminded musician friends, everyone with similar goals. Always with the guitar on his back, looking for a stage where he could try out his newly written songs. Before the world closed down, the plan was to continue writing, playing and touring in the USA. Covid-19 altered his plans, and he chose to return to his native Norway.

As part of Courtney Marie Andrews’ band and as opener for Molly Tuttle, Kirkeng toured Europe and America. Venues and festivals were visited, and contacts were made; he started to see the outline of a career. When he recently returned to Norway, without any connections in the Norwegian music industry, he was welcomed with open arms by musicians on the Oslo-based “nordicana”-scene: Malin Pettersen, Darling West, Louien, The Northern Belle. All of a sudden, Kirkeng knew everyone.

“Double Shift”, the first single off of the upcoming EP Rocking Chair, is an energetic tune in the vein of Jeff Tweedy and Father John Misty – or maybe even a young Jackson Browne. Kirkeng’s musical universe has a classic, yet timeless quality. The next time you’re in a bar, at a show, or you’re listening to the radio and you turn to your friend, “who’s this again?” – the answer just might be Ole Kirkeng.


1. Double Shift
2. Phantom Tears
3. Rocking Chair
4. Alone With My Phone