Chris Holm · Øyvind Blomstrøm · Kim Åge Furuhaug (3LP)

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Orions Belte / Chris Holm / Øyvind Blomstrøm / Kim Åge Furuhaug – «Chris Holm · Øyvind Blomstrøm · Kim Åge Furuhaug» (3LP)
Jansen Records, 2022

For Orions Belte it has always been about bringing all the ideas to the table. It could be a weird song idea, taking a tune in a totally different direction, or collaborating with other artists.

When the idea came up to do three solo albums, it felt surprisingly natural. We saw it as an opportunity to show where each member of the band comes from musically, and what they bring to the party. The finished product will be three very different albums, put together in one magnificent box set. Every band member setting their own premise.

The idea vaguely came to life after thinking of the KISS solo albums from 1978, where every member released their own album under the KISS logo. And of course, from all the members of Wu-Tang Clan, releasing all their albums under the Wu-Tang moniker.

The first solo album from Orions Belte is produced, composed and performed by bass player Chris Holm, and is filled with beautiful indie-pop, featuring several guests like Sondre Lerche and Hajk singer Sigrid Aase. Guitar player Øyvind Blomstrøm decided to make an album where every note is written, recorded and played by himself. Last but not least – drummer Kim Åge Furuhaug, put together a wonderful ensemble with two of Norway's finest jazz musicians, Ole Morten Vågan and Andreas Ulvo, making it a very different instrumental album. Kim’s album is written and arranged together with Norwegian producer and regular Orions Belte collaborator Matias Tellez.

Why do this, when you could’ve done it as a unit? Well, why the hell not! We love pushing ourselves into new territories – this is just another way of doing it.

Chris Holm · Øyvind Blomstrøm · Kim Åge Furuhaug will be released on Jansen Records on November 18th, 2022.


LP1 - Chris Holm:

Side A
1. Changes
2. After the Smoke Clears
3. Holy Water
4. Your Face Was Radiant This Morning

Side B
1. Maybe feat. Sondre Lerche
2. Marathon (Bar)
3. GUN feat. Sigrid Aase
4. Calm Like the Weather

LP2 - Øyvind Blomstrøm:

Side A
1. Intro
2. Pineapple Juice
3. Baby I Gotta Go
4. Scared of Heights
5. BK Fries
6. Manual Shear

Side B
1. Let’s Watch (Intro)
2. Let’s Watch the Grass Grow
3. Crazy Cause I Love You
4. Put the G in MSG
5. Star Eyes
6. The Wading Bird

LP3 - Kim Åge Furuhaug

Side A
1. Jangle med
2. Langeland Frukt & Tobakk
3. Haraldsvik Camping
4. Astagjol

Side B
1. Møllevalsen
2. Lysingen Express
3. Det aandelige kompasset er i vater